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This is where you should go to to outfit a classy man cave. It's also a good place to find one-of-a-kind antiques in general. You'll find big industrial pieces alongside Hermes travel bags, Louis Vuitton trunks, and designer furniture by people like Isamu Noguchi and Jean Prouvé. And, fittingly, come here if you’re looking to outfit a bar.

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Mantiques Modern transports you to another time when brass and metal were materials of choice. At every glance there are hidden gems in their vast Manhattan gallery. From restored airplane engines as coffee tables to vintage European jewelry, these guys have it all. Their attention to detail, and an eye for quality, puts their collection at the forefront of antique dealers in New York.

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As the Thermometer Falls, ‘Man Cave’ Décor Is Warming Up

His first stop was a Manhattan store aptly named Mantiques Modern. A warren of high-end collectibles in Chelsea, it offered finds like a sofa made of two 1960s brown Fiat car seats, for $11,500, and a polished bronze gear from a World War I-era tank, mounted as a sculpture, for $3,200.

One of his favorite pieces was a 27-inch-wide Fresnel glass lens, priced at $1,800, which the proprietor said was most likely the cover of an early-20th-century steam-engine light. Mounted on a stand, it had an impressive look, he said, and would be good for someone interested in machines and early technology.

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Mantiques Modern Named Exclusive Luxury Vintage Seller at Bergdorf Goodman

To commemorate their anniversary, Bergdorf Goodman tapped the company to offer a collection of their vintage goods and antiques as the luxury department store’s exclusive vintage seller.

Mantiques Modern’s downtown showroom, covering 4,000 square feet at 146 W. 22nd Street, has been famed for its collection of high-end pieces, several of which will now be moving to Bergdorf’s. The company will also decorate one of the windows at the Men’s Store across the street. “It’s going to be ‘us,’ but uptown,” Ramstad assures. “It’s high-end 20th-century objects and design things from big fashion houses, esoteric designers, [and] surrealists, and cool objects you might find in your travels throughout your life. That’s what we specialize in, and we try and put it under one roof for people.”

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